The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I hope in topics to follow, I get the chance to tell many of my stories and or thoughts, and get your thoughts, personal experiences and advice. Hopefully we can all grow together in our life experiences.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Author: jaxx1970

I am a divorced mother of 3 teenage daughters who keep my life very busy. I am dating a twice divorced father of three daughters which instantly adds to daily life’s ups and downs. I have been a Radiologic Technologist since 1990, love what I do stress and all. I love pets! I love food! I love fashion and am a huge lover of all things to shop for as you will soon understand. I love to travel. I have had a less than easy life, yet somehow have found a way through the ups and downs and overall maintained a positive attitude about all things. I love with all my heart and seemingly get hurt often in doing so. I have survived several close calls with death and even talked to angels half way to heaven. I have PTSD, depression, anxiety and insomnia yet am one of the most goofy, outgoing-yet highly introverted, happy person you may ever meet. I’ve experienced many things and gone through many ups and downs and struggles as I plan to share with you in hopes to help and heal others. My life is full and in all the ups and downs, I consider myself blessed to be alive to share all my experiences with you. I’m an open book and maybe someday, I’ll write a book on life. I hope to share everything from fashion and beauty, to food and travel, to the big stuff-life’s taboo topics! Join me and my journey and hopefully we all grow and heal together. No one is you-and that is your power!!

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